Thank You, Mentors!

We’ve been having so much fun celebrating National Mentoring Month on our social media accounts!  Today is International #ThankYourMentorDay and we are here to say THANK YOU to our amazing crew of mentors for the 2016-2017 school year!


Every year our students tell us that their favorite thing about BUILD is their mentor. Mentors ignite the spark that gets students’ ideas, motivation, confidence, and businesses flowing. Mentors not only guide students through building the products and creating a business plan – they also guide students through the challenges that they face in school, at home, and beyond. We cannot emphasize enough how critical the role of a mentor is, and #ThankYourMentorDay is the perfect day to celebrate that fully!

Thank You Mentors!


Here’s a special shoutout to all of our mentors.  You are integral in growing our students’ confidence and skills as they launch their businesses, and growing their minds and hearts as they launch their bright futures!



Ladi Aina
Ian Appel
Jeffrey Arnold
Punita Arora
Christopher Arruda
Elizabeth Binstadt
Anuradha Birch-Desai
Eugene Black
Christian Blackwell
Sandra Bodner
Benjamin Bover
Ashley Braga
Hayden Broberg
Juri Bulovic
Ben Bungert
Kate Castle
Cody Chamberlain
Joshua Chang
Amy Choi
Jim Conley
Chris Conroy
Melissa Corto
Nikki Crugnale
Fred Dalzell
Nicholas DiMatteo
Shely Do Souto
Kathleen Douglas Muther
George Drugas
Ashley Farquharson
Raine Figueroa
Megan Gutman
Meaghan Hand
Bill Hibbard
Shawn Holland
Zoha Hussain
Stephen Jenks
Christopher Jones
Daniel Josecite
Leslie Kerr
Iryna Kolos
Oleg Kritskiy
Eli Laipson
Simone LaPray
Pat Leary
Kellee Lee
Garrett Levey
Amber Meuwissen
Soumil Mhaskar
Ira Morgenstern
Justin Mott
Ziad Moukheiber
Cailey Newton
Cynthia Njuguna
Michael Omenazu
Taylor Orton
Shonak Patel
Sara Petrie
Gabrielle Piasio
Christopher Pierce
Frank Poindexter
David Rapaport
Becky Reuse
Erica Rife
Leora Rifkin
Tachera Roberts
Fernando Rodriguez-Villa
Kahmali Rose
Sophia Santos
William Schoppee
Molly Schuh
Joshua Schuler
Pallavi Singh
Steven Slavsky
Wes Stephanian
Christopher Stephenson
Jenney Szeto
Jeremy Szteiter
Sam Taylor
Amy Trutor
David Vail
Lei Wang
Ashley Williams
Aoyi Yang
Victor Zeng
Angela Zhang

Inspired by the commitment of our wonderful crew of mentors?
It’s not too late to join them!

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