Student Businesses

We have 250 students and 48 student teams in our BUILD Boston class who are developing creative products.
Here is a sampling of our teams:

  • BUILD Student ProductsAdorkable Lidz: Unique Winter Pom Pom Hats
  • Afro: Products imported from Gambia
  • All About You: Unique Body Fragrances
  • B-Ties: A unique handmade Bow-tie for women
  • Cookie Boss: The Best Logo Cookies you ever tasted
  • Delicate Delights: Fresh, made to order cheesecake in a mason jar
  • Dippy-Os: A new snack with a tasty cream
  • Econizer: A Recyclable Products company
  • EZ Case: A prototype case to hold your phone and headphones
  • Fusions: Speakers and Electronics
  • Gaming Generations: Products for the next generations
  • Glassics: Fashion Accessories for your glasses
  • Grip-On: No slip Grip for your shoes
  • Hoodie Pillow: A travel pillow with earplugs and mask
  • I Scented: Homemade candle with unique scents
  • Made Shades: Sunglasses with Flair
  • Personal Pouch: Protect your Personals Bag
  • Pocket Silverware: Portable utensils for your pocket
  • Pride Patch: Wearable patches for your clothing
  • Re-Jean: Recycled items made from Jeans
  • Sleepy Headz: It’s a Pillow Scarf
  • SleeveUp: Wearable Biker Sleeves
  • Straight Bumpin: Producer of the “Dependable” Pen
  • Tea Time: Customized Mugs for your Tea/Coffee