BUILD Boston Staff


Ayele Shakur
Greater Boston Regional Executive Director

Ipyana Wasret
Director of Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development

Edward Wilson
Director of Philanthropy

David Wheeler
Program Director



Youth ENTREPRENEURSHIP & College Access Program Team

Katie Quigley Mellor
Community Engagement Manager

Kim Sheppard
Youth Engagement Supervisor

Kenny Roberts
Youth Engagement Manager

Emily Wipper
Youth Engagement Manager

Charnel Luc
Youth Engagement Coordinator

Steve Mea
Youth Engagement Coordinator

Joelle Paolino
Youth Engagement Coordinator

Wilson Wu
MassPromise Fellow (College Access)



Development Team

Pepper Hayes
Manager of Marketing and Development Operations

Will Leitch
Grants and Communications Manager

Jill Moran, CSEP
Events Manager

Kira Ross
Manager of Strategic Partnerships



Administrative Team

Tommy Doherty
Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Shakur
Office Manager