Meet Our Mentors: Cailey Newton

Meet Our Mentors is a series showcasing and introducing members of the BUILD mentorship community.

Meet Cailey Newton. A part of the BUILD community since the fall of 2016, Cailey has been a volunteer mentor for nearly two years. Although Cailey’s introduction to BUILD was through an internship, she found herself wanting to expand from the administrative side of BUILD into working with the students that are the heart and soul of BUILD’s mentoring program.

“I just wanted to get into the classrooms.” She said, elaborating on the transition.

The biggest theme that Cailey observed to be true in her two-year journey with BUILD was the parallel between herself as a mentor and a college student, and the high school students she saw once every week.

“We’re learning and growing alongside each other.” She said, speaking to the relationships that grow during each week, month, and year of mentoring.

This – the variety and depth of the connections that the program fosters – is what Cailey believes to be the best thing about mentoring with BUILD. She cited the opportunity that BUILD offers in being able to spend an extended amount of time seeing mentees grow as a unique aspect of the program. Additonally, in line with BUILD’s beyond-the-classroom ideals, Newton spoke on the scope and reach of the relationships that she made.

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