#Winning at the the 6th Annual BUILD Entrepreneur Games

On October 18, 1,000 members of Boston’s hottest companies laced up their sneaks and brought their A-games to the Reggie Lewis Track & Field Center to connect and compete at the 6th Annual BUILD Entrepreneur Games. More than 70 companies participated – some competitors, some representing different industries – but all came together to showcase the strength of Boston’s rapidly growing innovation community and to raise over $330k for BUILD’s youth entrepreneurship program for Boston teens.

Team HubSpot took home the trophy and was crowned overall champion of the 2018 BUILD Entrepreneur Games. Team Flywire came in second and Team Veson Nautical and Team Wayfair competed in a fiercely contested dodgeball final, while Team T3 Advisors had to overcome stiff competition to win Tug-O-War. Whether or not they took home a win, all companies enjoyed plenty of tasty food and beer thanks to our event partners including Chicken & Rice Guys, Beta Burger, Boloco, OTTO Pizza, Kelly’s Roast Beef, The Friendly Toast, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Downeast Cider, Samuel Adams, Mighty Squirrel Brewery, and more! A special thank you to this year’s Presenting Sponsor – TUGG & Tech Gives Back.

Here’s the full list of the 2018 BUILD Entrepreneur Games Winners:

AcquiaBasketball Free Throw Challenge (tie: Sam & Jake)

Agero: Quarterback Blitz – Female (Nicole), Bucket Ball

Attivio: Mechanical Bull (Ashley)

Autodesk: Volleyball, Ping Pong Longest Volley (Dennis & Rahul)

Bose: Hula Hoop (Brenda)

Boston Consulting Group: Basketball Free Throw Challenge (tie: James)

Carbonite: Partner Yoga Ball Squat (Allison & Brianna), Obstacle Course #3, Obstacle Course #9

Edmit: Brazen Equation (Nick)

Endurance International Group: Cinderbloku (tie), Puzzled (Patrick), Farmer’s Walk – Female (Natalie)

EY: Partner Wheelbarrow Walk (Andrew & Brendan), Mechanical Bull – Male (Andrew)

Flywire: Sumo Wrestling (Matt), Pony Hop (Adam), Quarterback Blitz – Male (Adam), Obstacle Course #4, Obstacle Course #6, Obstacle Course #7

Fuze: Obstacle Course #8

Hopper: Dance Dance Revolution

HubSpot: Cinderbloku (tie), Broad Jump (Jack), Longest Plank – Male (Luke), Obstacle Course #1, Conditioning Challenge – Female (Erin), Farmer’s Walk – Male (Marlon), Medicine Ball Slam – Male (Marlon), Obstacle Course #2, Obstacle Course #5, WINNER OF THE 2018 BUILD ENTREPRENEUR GAMES

Klaviyo: Scrambled (Trevor)

PayPal: Dirty Dozen

Staples: Medicine Ball Toss – Female (Ashley), Broad Jump (Ashley), Agility Drill – Female (Ashley), Medicine Ball Slam – Female (Ashley), Partner Yoga Ball Shuffle – Male/Female (Brian & Michelle)

State Street: Longest Plank – Female (Ekaterina)

T3 Advisors: Football Accuracy Challenge (Mitch, Steele & Dave), Partner Relay (Steve & Dave), Tug-of-War

TD Bank: Roll-a-Ball Racing (Cheryl), KanJam (Evan & Matt)

TripAdvisor: Medicine Ball Toss – Male (Andrew), Equal Sides (Ran & Vic), Hippo Chow Down (Luke), Partner Yoga Ball Shuffle – Female/Female (Lauren & Hannah)

Uber: Block Builder (Eric), Vertical Jump (Jack), Conditioning Challenge (Heath)

Vesper: Connect 4 Sack Race (Aaron, Jake, Chad, Shin & Tanim)

Wayfair: Agility Drill – Male (Krishna), Dodgeball, Partner Yoga Ball Shuffle – Male/Male (Tom & Ray)

Webster Bank: Basketball

Wells Fargo: Kickball

WeWork: Every Which Way, Yoga – Female (Hilary), Yoga – Male (Joe)

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