BUILDFest Teams

Every year, we have teams of BUILD 9th-grade students from our six different partner schools pitch their innovative business ideas to panels of judges and secret shoppers as they progress toward the BUILDFest Pitch Challenge.

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners, Dust Mac from Dearborn STEM Academy!

2019 Finalists

Fashion tie
Jeremiah E. Burke
SPONSORED BY Silicon Valley Bank & Wework

A bracelet that doubles as a hair tie. Comes in a variety of designs and can be customized.

Dearborn STEM Academy
SPONSORED BY t3 Advisors

An attachable broom comb to wipe gunk off the bottom of your broom.

COmmunity Academy of Science and Health
Sponsored by Brookline Bank

Tupperware with whiteboard labels, allowing customers to write down the date or other details for easy organization and storage.

2019 Ninth-Grade Student Businesses

Another Course to College

Custo Bands
a customizable wristband that helps you wipe away sweat and stay organized during your workout

Headphone Holder
a pocket-sized organizer that keeps your headphones safe and tangle free

Miracle Slime
a non-stick, classic childhood toy

a DIY pillowcase design kit

Ultra Create
customizable signage produced by a laser cutter

Jeremiah E. Burke High

Easy Brush
a hair brush with sheet protectors to easily remove hair

Fashion Tie
a bracelet that doubles as a hair tie – comes in a variety of designs and can be customized.

Sneaky Snacks
snacks disguised as school supplies for sneaky and discreet snacking in class and in the office

Sticker Bomb
motivational and inspirational stickers that are hand-made by a local student artist and can be customized

Charlestown High

A.E.I. Jewelry
lava and mala bead bracelets inspired by the beads used in Buddhist meditation practices. 

Beyond Baking Brownies
all-natural, made from scratch brownies brought to you with love and guaranteed to satisfy

ECG Protector
two necessities combined into one great organizer: a leather eyeglass case with an attached credit card sleeve – a variety of colors and the option to add embossed initials.

J’s Candles
soy wax candles crafted with a variety of scents, sure to please everyone

Nayla’s Naturals
all natural beauty products featuring a skin scrub that leaves your skin smooth and silky and a hair conditioner that repairs, restores and brings shine to your hair

O&M Cupcakes
all natural, made from scratch cupcakes coming in a variety of flavors guaranteed to satisfy

The Phone Aid
a convenient phone care kit that includes dust removers, port plug cleaners, wet wipes, and a handmade cleaning spray with accompanying cloth 

natural dog treats for rewarding your pet and curing his bad breath, made for dog owners or the dog lovers in your life

Community Academy of Science and Health

tupperware with whiteboard labels, allowing customers to write down the date or other details for easy organization and storage

Royal Lip Scrub
all-natural lip scrub that buffs away dead skin and leaves lips mosturized and smooth

Reward Checklist
a small divided box with a chalkboard on the top to write tasks on – put rewards on the inside and enjoy once the task has been completed

Tester Tatt
removable tattoos to allow teens and adults to try potential tattoos, or just have fun expressing themselves

Dearborn STEM Academy

an attachable broom comb to wipe gunk off the bottom of your broom

a pet bandana kit (Bandana, collar, leash) to keep your pet looking fresh and in style

a bookmark that saves your page and writing utensils


Excel High

a sleeve with a handwarmer to keep you warm while participating in cold activities

a shampoo/body soap bar

Cover Lover
elastic bands that keep your sheets clipped to your mattress

Fidget Manufacturing
a popsocket with interchangable fidget toys

Flavor Saver
a homemade spray that comes in all different flavors to keep your gum fresh and lasting longer

Make It Fresh
an on the go kit that includes a chapstick size deodrant, a breath spray and a stain remover

Sleek Those Edges
a hair gel and curling serum

Utensil Holder
a fabric based product that holds your utensils while you cook