BUILDFest Teams

Every year, we have teams of BUILD 9th-grade students from our six different partner schools pitch their innovative business ideas to panels of judges and secret shoppers as they progress toward the BUILDFest Pitch Challenge.

We are excited to see what the 2019 BUILD students are working on!  Stay tuned for updates!

The Final Three

Meet The 2018 Final Three

Spice Kit
Excel High School

A kit that provides the exact amount of spices needed to make unique dishes at home.

Bottom Feeders
Jeremiah E. Burke High School
SPONSORED BY Viacom and fama PR

A shoe and sneaker adhesive that prevents unwanted objects from sticking to bottom of shoes.

Cultural Secrets Cookbook
Dearborn STEM Academy
Sponsored by Acceleration Partners

A cookbook that features unique dishes from around the world to keep you from cooking the same old things.

2018 Ninth-Grade Student Businesses

Another Course to College

BP Cushion
a pillow for travel that attaches to your seat

an easy access pen you can attach to your belt loop or pocket

a fanny pack with a phone charger

Spread the Love T-Shirts
a t-shirt with motivational quotes on it

Jeremiah E. Burke High

Bottom Feeders
a shoe and sneaker adhesive that prevents unwanted objects from sticking to bottom of shoes

Inspiration in a Jar
a tool to spark inspiration and boost confidence among teenagers

Stained Glass Night Light
customized night lights

Thermal Gloves and Thocks
gloves and socks that prevents frostbite

Charlestown High

AAR Brush
a brush-comb combo

Brush Cover
a toothbrush cover that sticks to the wall

DAS Bando
a relaxing heated bandana for stress relief

scented bag to insert into a pillow

Pet Delights
mint dog treats

Pocket Wrist, Inc.
small wrist wallet with a zipper for athletes and travelers

Seche Chaussures
a gentle dryer pocket for your shoes

Squish Away
scented cellphone case and squishy ball for your phone

Sweet Candles, Inc.
large scented candles

Community Academy of Science and Health

360 Wrap Around
phone case that allows you to wrap your headphones around for a tangle-free storage

Handy Kit
magnetic folder set with a pen and pencil combined

Mighty Sleepers
decorative sleeping masks

silverware that detects temperature and changes color

Dearborn STEM Academy

Cultural Secrets Cookbook
a cookbook that will feature unique dishes from around the world and keep you from cooking the same old things

Irresistible Scents
decorative oil diffusers that will make rooms smell pleasant

Origami Wonder Book
a collection of origami intended to inspire creativity and challenge children

Safe Holder
a pot/pan handle mittens that guards against burns

Excel High

Amore Perfume
an all-natural perfume for people with sensitive skin

Bungee Cord
a case connected to a bungee cord so one never has to worry about dropping their phone

Candles of Joy
a flowery scented colorful candle that enhances every room

Girley Bracelet
a bracelet that supports equal rights for women

Spice Kit
a kit of unique spices and recipes

Switch It Binder
a binder that is multipurpose for an individual on the go

The Idea Wheel
a tangible way to make decisions for the indecisive

Tie Die Shoe Laces
custom and fun shoe laces to individualize shoes

Madison Park High

ALG Headbands
multi-functional unisex headbands

Custom Coasters
customizable designer drink coasters

La Belle Chermain
all-natural, skin conditioning women’s perfume

Sock It
pocket size shoe attachment card/money holder